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Virus Disinfection Service

Protecting Your Home or Business

Upscale Cleaning’s professional disinfecting service includes disinfection for Covid-19, FLU and many viruses, we use:

  • Professional disinfection guns and sprayers and Center for Disease Control recommended disinfectants and guidelines for cleaning.

  • Common areas that need treatment in offices, commercial space or homes are Light Switches, Handrails, Elevator Buttons, Door Handles and Entryway Doors, Restroom Faucets and Dispensers, Phones, Keyboards all frequently touched and used areas.

  • Upscale Office Cleaning, follows the recommendations and guidelines of the Center for Disease Control in cleaning procedures for Offices, Homes, Rental’s, Hospitals, Casinos, Daycare, Sport’s Events,

The disinfecting process

1) The space needs to be cleaned before disinfecting this involves wiping down soil and dust and spills.

2) The disinfectant is applied and sits on the surface for a period of kill/contact time suggested by the manufacturer.

3) After the disinfectant has sit the required amount of kill/contact time we can wipe up the dried spray.

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